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About Us


SÁNCHEZ GÓMEZ INGENIERÍA, S.A is a construction company with an extensive experience building civil works, internal finishing, remodeling, consulting services and project administration that focuses on the commercial, industrial and residential buildings in Costa Rica. Our company has 15 years of experience in the optimum and personal project administration including costs, time, security and commitment to the integrity and ethical business practices.

Business Philosophy

The mission, vision and quality policy set out below, make up the Business Philosophy of SAYGOSA.



We are a company which builds high quality civil works. Our value proposition for customers includes and optimum and personal project administration in costs, time and security including a complete commitment to the integrity and ethical business practices.



To be a leading and established company in the constructive field with receptiveness to new national markets delivering to our customers an excellent service and being recognized for its capacity, quality, security and compliance.


Quality Policy

We fulfill our mission of quality customer service, enshrining to our job the following principles and values:

• Customer focus
• Integrity, respect and self-control.
• Productivity and suitable decisions.
• Team work and assertive communication.
• Adherence to the “Sistema de Gestión” and current legislation.


We have at your disposal our consulting and construction services.


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