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1. Consulting


Areas such as Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electric and Mechanic Engineering according to the following stages:
– Preliminary studies
– Preliminary drafts
– Technical specifications
– Construction budgeting
– Control of the construction process


2. Construction works


We make our job through a “Sistema de Gestión” certified with ISO standard 9001-2008 in which we include the use of the software Open 4 Business (O4Bi), specialized in construction. We use criteria from the “Administración de Proyectos” where we create the work planning which aids us a control and monitoring during the execution of the different stages of the project development; complying with the time, quality and costs to satisfy our customers endorsed by our extensive experience.
Our services include:

Construction project administration:

– Planning: budget, chronogram and expenditures plan, among others.
– Control: chronogram, budget, change orders, pricing administration, contract account statements, and others.
– Contract termination.

Professional construction administration.

Our teamwork consists of professionals in different areas to satisfy all the needs for each project.

We offer the following hiring conditions:

By fixed amount

By administration


We have at your disposal our consulting and construction services.


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